Electronic Journal Management for All Your ATMs


EJ Manager is a plug-n-play solution with the ATM application-specific business rules pre-configured. This enables a unified approach for guaranteed and consistent capture, parsing, and viewing, regardless of device manufacturer or vendor. With EJ Manager you can expedite and simplify your network claims processing and not miss any claims adjustment deadlines while waiting for data.

EJ Manager Advantage

  • A single application that eliminates the need for multiple-vendor or home grown EJ solutions to view and/or research EJ data.
  • EJ Files from various ATM vendors are uploaded, parsed, normalized and inserted into the EJ Database to enable expedited claims management.
  • Electronic Journals can be configured to upload at preset intervals or in real-time.
  • Rich reporting features via web-based UI for viewing EJ activities for mission critical responses.
  • Export the data into a variety of formats like XLS and PDF, to be used for reconciliation and settlement activities.
  • Designed as a "non-stop" application for guaranteed capture of EJ data.
  • Designed for PCI compliance.

Current supported devices in production

  • Diebold TCS Plus™, Agilis™ 2.x, 3.x, Diebold VISTA 3.x, 5.x
  • NCR AANDC™ 2.x, 3.x, EDGE™ 2.x, 3.x, NCR ITM
  • Wincor ProCash™
  • Hyosung Moneypass2™


Case Study

Delivering the Future of ATM Management Today

A CO-OP FS & TEKchand Case Study
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