ATMLive Manager Platform

An ATM marketing and management platform that is easy to implement,
easy to use, and works with your multi-vendor portfolio.

ATMLive Manager Platform

ATMLive Manager is an integrated services delivery platform for self-service terminals. It enables targeted advertising, personalization, electronic receipts, software distribution, and remote device management for any size multi-vendor ATM portfolio.

With the addition of a Web Server and an ATM-to-Mobile API Library, the platform now supports cross-channel marketing and CRM across digital channels.

One solution for customer engagement Web, SMS, and Mobile management for ALL your self-service channels!
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Platform Features

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Technical Overview

ATMLive Manager is a web-based, Integrated Services Delivery Platform with modular client-server components for a PCI compliant deployment. The same server-side components serve all of your ATMs. The same client-side components are also installed on all of your multi-Vendor ATMs. The TEKchand ATM Agent (aka TekEX Agent) automatically determines the appropriate ATM application type, and device personality, which eliminates the need for manual vendor specific configuration.


Platform Components

  • Web Application Servers : for anytime, anywhere access to Web UI for ATM Operations & ATM Marketing.
  • Content Distribution Engine : for remote device control, throttled distribution and capture of content on ATMs. The system is built on Web Services (SOAP with MTOM) to enable transfer of large files over thin networks, inherent in the ATM environment.
  • Content Processing Engine : for intelligent processing and parsing [to Database] of Electronic Journals (EJ), Sys Info, Event/Error Logs, Check Images and other "files" captured from ATMs.
  • CRM Transaction Processing Engine : a performance tuned transaction engine for processing real-time targeted marketing messages with a single point of interface (i.e. TEKchand Process Interface or TEKPI) for both the Host and ATM Personalization clients. The TEKPI web service is designed to interface directly with ATMs (i.e. direct interface to the ATM application using "web exits" or "extensions") or with ATM intermediaries (i.e. indirect interface to the ATM, ex: ITM, Base24, Connex or other ATM driving Hosts).
  • Databases : SQL databases are designed for PCI Compliance with masking & encryption, and certified on Oracle and PostgreSQL.
  • TekAd Server : a content and ad server for digital signage, Web Banking, Email, and Mobile (SMS) channels. TekAd Server is the bridge to cross-channel marketing and ATM-to-Mobile customer experience management. It offers pluggable 'Web Widgets' (ex: Document Center for online access of electronic receipts) along with a robust 'Web Form' based user response capture engine. Techniques such as Session based mobile/email authentication, OTP and token based access ensure the communication is secured and adheres to payment card industry (PCI) standards.

Product Requirement & Supported Devices

Below is a summary of the hardware device configurations per product application currently supported (in production environment) and the Host and ATM configuration modification required to implement the LIVE Manager Platform.

PRODUCT Host Interface? ATM Config Changes? TekEx ATM Agent? Supported Devices in Production
EJ MANAGER NO NO YES NCR NDC/EDGE 5x, NCR EDGE 7x, NCR ITM, Diebold TCS/Agilis, Hyosung MP2, Vista 3x, Vista 5x, Vista 5x FDK
ASSET MANAGER NO NO YES Any Windows Device (Windows 7 & Windows 10)
ATM CONTENT MANAGER NO NO YES NCR NDC/EDGE 5x and 7x, Diebold TCS/Agilis, Hyosung MP2, Vista 3x, Vista 5x, Vista 5x FDK
PwrCRM (1-to-1) YES YES OPTIONAL Any Windows 7/10 Device

Server-Side Technologies

  • 2 Hardware Virtualization Support (VMWare™)
  • 3 Extensive use of Web Services with HTTPs/SOAP/XML for all Client Interfaces

Client-Side Technologies

  • 1 Win 7/10 OS Support
  • 2 Built on .Net Framework 2.0+ & 4.0+
  • 3 SSL for secure distribution