Generate Sales leads

and drive revenue with 1-to-1 targeted Interactive marketing


PwrCRM™ is a powerful application that enables real-time 1-to-1 interactive targeted messages on ATMs and Kiosks. PwrCRM manages all CRM and targeted marketing related functions, including establishing cardholder data and customer attribute segmentation rules, the development and management of marketing campaigns, all post campaign reporting, and our multifaceted analytical tools for response analysis.

PwrCRM Advantage

  • Develop and Deliver targeted marketing and sales lead generation campaigns using your own CRM database or using PwrCRM's built-in customer database.
  • Have the Ability to Capture customer responses at the point of ad presentment.
  • Take Action Based on Customer Responses so the same campaign message is not offered again to a customer who already accepted or declined the offer, plus send alerts on such events.
  • Create Complex Market Segmentation Rules from a rich set of 70+ customer attributes and additional device specific attributes.
  • Extensive API Library means easy integration with your internal systems and databases.
  • Control Ad Impressions for a defined number of views by the customer, per ATM, by day, by response and more.
  • Send Multiple Host Exception Overrides for the Host to choose from based on Ad run time conditions. Ex: Instead of showing a normal ad message, show a loan campaign to a customer who may have recently had a NSF, but has a good credit history.
  • Track the Campaign's Performance via Web U/I and sophisticated reports and analytics available for view, download or interface to your lead fulfillment center.

Current supported devices in production

  • Diebold Agilis™ 2.x, 3.x
  • NCR AANDC™, Aptra EDGE™ 2.x, 3.x
  • Proprietary ATM Applications