Electronic Receipts

Realize the power of mobile delivery and
enhance the customer experience

Electronic Receipts

Enhance the customer experience and leverage the mobile channel.

TEKchand offers a complete end-to-end solution for electronic receipts with a multi-channel approach that ensures your customers get the most out of their banking experience. Targeted marketing on the electronic receipt header and trailers is a core feature of the product. The receipt header/trailer message can take the form of a coupon or an offer with hyperlinks to a web form or an URL.

Get to market quickly without any development with our plug-n-play approach, or use our extensive API library to design your own customer experience:

  • Onboard customer receipt preferences via Web Banking, ATM, and/or SMS
  • Interface with your online banking document center for ATM receipt electronic access.
  • Interface with your existing in-house SMS/EMAIL message gateways.
  • Interface with your CRM systems, or use our powerful built-in receipt marketing capability for location based or 1-to-1 targeted message.

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Call or email us today to learn more about the implementation requirements for Electronic Receipts. Understand how we have made it both easy and affordable for any size financial institution to offer electronic receipts to their customers.